Best Android File Managers for Easy Navigation

Best Android File Managers for Easy Navigation

A good file managers can make your life so much better. It will ease the downloading process and make storage management a breeze. While your Android device will certainly come with a pre-installed file browser, you might get a lot more out of file management by downloading another app from Google Play.

There are quite a few good file managers available for your Android device. These file managers offer different functionalities and extra features. With some, you can find your media streaming improve, while others are perfect for storing and sorting your photos. Most of the managers on the list support cloud-storage – so you don’t have to worry about losing your files.

If your new device needs an app, you should consider checking out these top six trusted Android file managers. They will make navigating smoother and more fun.

File Manager

File Manager is a perfect app that can perform a range of functions. You can use it to compress and de-compress your files, as well as cut and paste them. The app makes searching for the right files easy and copying files is straightforward with the help of the app.

The great thing about File Manager is also how it keeps you updated on your memory use. You can use it to calculate the space available and it can even suggest you how you can free memory. In terms of cloud backup, the app supports a range of systems such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Solid Explorer File Manager

If you want something simple and functional, Solid Explorer File Manager is a great pick. The UI looks fresh and the functions are easy-to-use. You can find plenty of cloud-storage support and it’s even possible to hide private folders with the app. The file manager also has a strong Chromecast support. The file manager has a great image editing functionality so you might want to consider using it as a gallery app.

ES File Explorer File Manager

If your Android phone is filled with media files, the ES File Explorer will be a great addition to your phone. It can search and find files on numerous locations from your Android memory to the microSD in use. You will also be able to rename, delete and move those files from any of your storage.

One of the best extra features of this app is the remote file manager functionality. If you turn it on, you will be able to access your files from your computer and manage them as you would on your phone. The Android task killing feature is also good for improving your memory.

File Manager by Astro

The Astro File Manager is user-friendly and great for cloud integration. It supports a range of cloud-storage systems such as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and One Drive in a smooth manner. You can move files between these different systems without problems – you’ll have a strong backup of your files at your fingertips.

It can also perform the common functionalities such as compressing and extracting files. You will also be able to play multimedia files, and uninstall and install apps in a matter of seconds. It’s a functional app with a good update rate for extra features.

Super File Manager

If you want something that looks slightly different, you need to consider using Super File Manager. The free app is great for sorting out your documents and files. You can also use Wi-Fi for file transfers between the phone and a computer. Just like some of the other apps on the list, Super File Manager can also search for files on your SD card, as well as the internal storage. It’s a neat little app to cover your needs.

File Expert

Finally, for a huge range of functions and ease-of-use, you can’t go wrong by selecting File Expert. The Android file manager is a top performer and it can make file management feel like child’s play. You can open folders side by side when browsing documents and it allows you to open the files in TABs. The animations are also extremely fun to look at.

The file manager comes with an in-built video and music player. It allows you to stream video or MP3 files, including accessing these files from the cloud. It also has all the traditional functions, such as renaming files and recovering deleted files.

If you are looking for Android file manager, the above six are definitely worth checking out. You might also notice yourself running out of space with your device. It’s a good idea to buy a proper MicroSD card for your device to ensure your file manager has plenty of room to work with.

So, make browsing your Android device just a bit more fun and download the above file managers to your phone today.

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