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How to Reduce Android Mobile Data Usage

Data is fast becoming a necessity all over the world and like all other resources, it is limited. Therefore, we have to always find ways to reduce our [...]

How To Root Your Android Device Without Computer

What is rooting ? Most android users do not really know what rooting is all about but they still want to try it out in order to gain quick access to [...]

Best Android File Managers for Easy Navigation

A good file manager can make your life so much better. It will ease the downloading process and make storage management a breeze. While your Android d [...]

7 Secret Android Functions Most Users Don’t Know About

There probably isn’t a person now who hasn’t got an absolutely indispensable smartphone in their pocket. However, despite this fact, there aren’t many [...]

Best way to speed up your android phones

Here are the list of top five best way to speed up your android phones. Like computers, smart phones become slower over time when not properly mainta [...]
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