How to Reduce Android Mobile Data Usage

How to Reduce Android Mobile Data Usage

Data is fast becoming a necessity all over the world and like all other resources, it is limited. Therefore, we have to always find ways to reduce our data consumption. Android requires a lot of mobile data for daily operation and if you’re the type that surfs the web, spends time on social media and watch a lot of YouTube videos, I’ll recommend you read this post twice.

Without much talk, let me go straight to point on how to reduce data consumption.

Stay on E (Edge)

Unlike 3G or 4G, Edge consumes less data. Therefore, unless you have a huge file to download it is recommended to stay on Egde. You might be doing your battery a big favour also

Close Unused Apps

Unused apps in the background should be closed. Some of these apps are silent battery eaters. Just close them.

Restrict Background Data

Go to Settings > Data > More and tap restrict background data, then make the proper selection. The truth is that most apps are silent succubus of data. By restricting background data, you hold the keys to the app that will consume your data

Switch off your data while in Bed

I recently discussed this. When in bed, switch your data or phone off and be free of phone addiction. Give your self and your data a rest.

Turn Whatsapp Image Auto download Off

If you’re a big Whatsapp fan and fond of Whatsapp groups, I’ll recommend this tip to turn Whatsapp image auto-download off. That way, you will only have to download images you wish to download. You’ll be doing your data consumption a big favour.

Study Your Data Usage

Simply go to Settings > Data Usage. Here, you will get to see data statistics. You will see the main culprits responsible for your data consumption and you can either restrict their data consumption or remove the apps.

Download Videos Instead of Watching Online

Downloading videos is one of the easiest ways to save your data. Watching YouTube videos several times especially when the video is not cached will consume your data a lot more.

Delete Unwanted Apps

There are some apps that are on your phone and you hardly use them. Just delete them. Some of them are consumers of data. You’ll be surprised that some of these apps are malwares serving only one purpose – Consume data.

Set Data Limits

On Android settings you can easily set monthly data limits. You will be notified when you are about to exceed these limits. This will keep your data consumption in check.

Use Opera to Surf the Web

I must confess to the fact that Opera is not my best browser but nonetheless, it saves me a lot of data. You can give it a try.

Try Different Data Providers

It’s no secret that some data providers are dubious with the way they charge us on mobile. Switching to another data provider may give you a better tarriff , more considerable data billing or a better data count.

These are my top 11 ways to manage data consumption . Feel free to add yours.