How To Install PSP Emulator On iOS

How To Install PSP Emulator On iPhone for Free

Looking for how to install a PSP emulator on iPhone mobile and iPad? Here you’ve come to the right place to learn the best way how to play PlayStation portable games on iPhone.

PPSSPP Emulator iPhone is the best PSP emulator for iOS devices that you can download right now. Here you’ll learn how to install and play PPSSPP Games on iPhone. Try it out and have fun with a catalog with over 5000 different games.

Sony’s PlayStation portable console – PSP Emulator iOS is definitely one of the greatest hits in the world of portable leisure, together with Nintendo’s Game Boy.

It has millions of fans from all over the world but over time this kind of video console has been gradually replaced by smartphones that are becoming more powerful by the day, although the Nintendo Switch may have something to say about the latter.

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How To Run PSP Emulator On iPhone (PPSSPP)

As we said before, the PSP had plenty of users all over the planet and they all miss its great games. That’s the reason behind this PPSSPP Emulator, an application to emulate the games of this device that we can finally download for iPhone and iPad, as well as continue enjoying the versions available for Windows, Mac, and Android in APK format.

For iPhone & iPad devices PPSSPP works on both jailbroken (recommended) and non-jailbroken iOS devices.

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PPSSPP Emulator iPhone Features

  • Huge catalog of PSP games: over 3000 titles.
  • HD image quality.
  • Adapts the resolution to the size of your device’s screen.
  • Customize the touchscreen controls or use an external controller such as a gamepad or keyboard.
  • Save the status of each game and recover it whenever you want.
  • Transfer saved games from your original PSP.

How To Install PSP Emulator On iPhone

The installation of the PSP emulator requires a jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This package will not work on stock iOS devices running an unmodified version of iOS.

  • Launch Cydia, navigate to the Manage tab before selecting Sources, and then Edit.
  • Select the Add button from the top left corner and enter the following third-party repository:
  • Wait for the repository to refresh and bring in the hosted packages.
  • Search for PPSSPP before selecting the one returned result and selecting install.
  • When the package has finished installing select the Return to Cydia option.
  • Exit Cydia and you will notice a new PPSSPP icon on the home screen of the device.
  • Select the PPSSPP icon from the home screen to launch the PSP emulator on the jailbroken device.

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PPSSPP Games for iOS Device

The default installation of the PPSSPP emulator on iOS devices will come in the form of a fully functioning shell application.

Putting .ISO or .CSO files onto the device Before being able to play PSP games through the emulator it is necessary to copy one or more .ISO or .CSO files across to a directory on the device. When the emulator is launched it has a ‘Load…’ option that allows us to point it to the directory of installed games.

NOTE: Dumping already-owned games and formatting them into the correct format for the emulator is outside of the scope of this guide and therefore isn’t covered. The next steps assume that this has already been carried out.

The default directory that the emulator looks to for games on the jailbroken device is /var/mobile/Documents. This folder will more than likely be initially empty and requires us to provide it with some game data.

Because the PSP game files are likely to be larger than 450MB in size it makes good sense to copy them to the device using a wired connection and a program like iExplorer or Cyberduck. Connecting through wireless through SSH is also an option but data transfer will likely take a lot longer. Copy the game file to a familiar directory on the device.

Load the PPSSPP Emulator, select the Load … option from the right-hand menu, and then navigate to the directory where the file was copied in step 2. Launch and play the game.

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Where to download PSP Emulator Games?

There are hundreds of websites that provide you with free PSP Games to download for free, here at we have provided you the list of the Top 100 Best PPSSPP Games to download and play on your mobile.

One of the best and my number one PPSSPP game was Pro Evolution Soccer 2023 PPSSPP Latest Version, try to enjoy it! Later then you’ll thank me.


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