International Superstar Soccer Deluxe for Android

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (1995) APK Download

Are you a fan of the classic football game International Superstar Soccer Deluxe? Now, you can enjoy the classic game on your Android device! International Superstar Soccer Deluxe, originally released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994, has been released for Android devices, so you can play the classic game wherever you go.

Read on to learn more about this classic sports game and how you can play it on your Android device.

Remember those years ago in the 90s, when the international superstar soccer deluxe was played, you can now download it and play it on your android phone.

Have you remembered the name of the players like Seike (Germany), Alejo (Brazil), Yakuni (Nigeria), Carboni (Italy), and Chatillon of France?

At that time FIFA Didn’t allow SEGA Inc. to use real player names licensed, that’s the reason for using fake ones.

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (ISSD) also known as Jikkyou WorldSoccer 2: Fighting Eleven in Japan is a soccer video game and the sequel to International Superstar Soccer developed and published by Konami Inc. The Deluxe version was published first to the SNES, then the Mega Drive (developed by Factor 5), and finally the PlayStation.

International Superstar Soccer joins the SEGA Forever classic games collection, a treasure trove of free SEGA console classics brought to life on mobile for the first time!

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Game Graphics

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe for Android is an impressive game with impressive graphics. The players are rendered in 3D and the environments have been faithfully recreated. Every detail is captured to bring an authentic soccer experience to your fingertips. From stadiums to player models, the visuals are top-notch.

The animations and special effects are smooth and the overall look and feel of the game are spot-on. Whether you’re playing in a stadium or street match, International Superstar Soccer Deluxe provides great visuals that will keep you entertained for hours.

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ISSD Gameplay

Game Details

Initial release date:22 September 1995
Series:International Superstar Soccer
Developers:Konami, Factor 5
Platforms:Android 4.4+
Publishers:KONAMI, Tectoy

Download ISSD APK for Android


International Superstar Soccer Deluxe for Android is a great game for soccer fans to enjoy. It is a faithful recreation of the classic version, but with some added features like improved graphics and improved controls.

The sound effects and music are also enjoyable and make the game feel more authentic. The ability to play with old players in the game also adds to the fun. All in all, International Superstar Soccer Deluxe is an excellent game that any soccer fan should check out.

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