Download ZArchiver APK PRO for Android Latest Version

Download ZArchiver PRO APK (Latest Version)

Download Zarchiver PRO APK Android mobile latest and updated version for compressing and archiving files.

As smartphones become more and more powerful, you need to find ways of maximizing the amount of space available to you. This holds true whether you’re using an Android or an iPhone, although the best apps for compressing and archiving files will be different depending on your device. For example, the iOS app iZip works wonder with large files, while the android version has specific compression tools that are ideal for compressing media files into one zip archive. So, without further ado, here are some of the best Android apps for compressing and archiving files!

Zarchiver APK is one of the best file compression tools available for Android mobile, and the new update brings some useful new features that make this tool even more powerful. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, or if you want to download the latest version, we’re here to help with instructions on how to do so. This guide will help you through everything you need to know in order to install Zarchiver PRO on your Android device. Let’s get started!

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What is the ZArchiver APK used for?

Zarchiver is a free and open-source file archiver with a graphical user interface (GUI). The app allows users to extract or compress files, set up archives, rename files, view metadata, and create compressed archives. It is a command line-driven application but it also provides an interactive user interface.

Want to create password-protected archives on your phone? Looking for support for .7z, .gzip, .tar balls, iso, or even plain Z files? Want the ability to partially decompress an archive to get out just a single file? ZArchiver has you covered!

This advanced app allows you to manage archives on your phone just like you would with a computer, it even features support for split and multi-part archives.

One of the greatest features of this app is the included encryption and password tools; ZArchive supports AES-256 and other encryption methods to keep your files secure, full password protection, and everything else you’d expect from a secure archive management app for Android.

It’s important to note that some advanced functions in ZArchiver may not work if your device isn’t rooted (i.e. you don’t have full superuser/administrative access to the device).

In conclusion, ZArchiver Application is a great free archive management app for Android that offers a lot of great options.

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ZArchiver APK Pro Latest Features

Create Unlimited Archives

Some archive management apps limit how many archives you can create, but not ZArchiver! Create as many archives as you like in a wide variety of formats including 7zip, zip, rar, iso, arc, img, and even dmg files.

Decompress, Explore, and Edit Archives

Just need a single file out of an archive or to partially decompress an archive? This is the app for you!

Manage Split and Multi-File Archives, Too! 

This app supports split and multi-file archives; partial decompression support means you can just move out the files you need, saving space on local storage.

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How to use with ZArchiver

Zarchiver APK Details

Size:20 MB

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Download ZArchiver Pro APK Android