First Touch Soccer 2021 Apk + Obb Android

First Touch Soccer 2021 Apk + Obb Android

The FTS 2021 game, whose full name is FIRST TOUCH SOCCER 2021, is one of the best soccer games in the field of Android devices, as it is characterized by several features that are not present in other known versions, due to the fact that it was designed by the company FIRST TOUCH GAMES, which is one of the best manufacturers of football games in the field Android I have had several achievements before in these games This company is the manufacturer DLS games and SCORE HERO Recent games also have achieved several successes before and legendary downloads from GOOGLE PLAY on as these games are also football games that are distinguished by features that are not present in Android game field and the game that we have today M, and it is a FTS 2020 game, we have several explanations for it before you can find it in this post.It was the first release of this game in 2015 and it was uploaded to google play, but it was deleted some of that because the company that manufactured it did not have the rights to the logos in the clubs inside this game but it makes sense Today with this new theme, which is for the year 2021, and it is the last transfer and the crews for the coming year and the latest features available in the games field in Android.
If you want to know more about this game, we advise you to follow this post to the end in this way, you will know everything that is about in terms of the method of installation and download and other features of the unknown in this game.


The features of this game that we have with us today are global features and deserve the effect of this download game, and this version features high graphics and asymptotes for PlayStation 3 devices. The biggest games in Android and in the global arena in terms of football, but this version that we have today can be compared to them, even though it was issued a long time ago, the graphics in the game that make sense today are stronger than the graphics in the game Dream legue soccer 2020, which ba Konkm mind game excellence phase Online developed Of Line.

This version also has a variety of game modes in which to play with your friends as well as with foreign people on you, and that via the Internet means that this game contains online mode, phase of line, and this thing is the thing that is missing most of the football games that are in the game scene now that Those games do not allow my users to play Offline and play online at the same time. They either make the game completely online or completely off line, and this is bothering some users of these games. Now this matter has become available in this game that we have today. Download it and enjoy it with Sedkaikm
What also distinguishes this version is an addition to all these features is that it is the last revenge and crews for the year 2020 as all summer transfers for the year 2019 and winter transfers for the year 2020 are present in this game you can buy players and put them in real clubs or you build your team that you want the player in any team you love And you will find the logos of the prophets of these players are present in real life

This version, which is meaningful today, is also distinguished by the fact that it contains several phases of excellent play within this game, where you can play several different patterns. These toys, for example, you can play in this game several periodicals, international and continental cups, and other international. This game contains all European leagues, including leagues. The five major and small patrols, which are as follows:
The five major leagues are the Spanish League, the French League, the German League, the Italian League and the English League. Small leagues such as the Dutch League and the Russian League. There are several cups for these leagues. You can also play in this game, such as the King’s Cup, the Italian Cup, the French Cup, the English League cup, the German Cup, or the continental cups or tournaments. The continent for clubs, such as the Champions League, the Asian Champions League, the African Champions League, the American Copa Libertadores and the European League. As for the national championships, which also exist in this game, they are: For the Euro, the Asian Nations Cup, the Africa Cup of Nations, and Cuba, America, the continental championship, such as the World Cup, the World Cup for clubs, and the Confederations Cup.

All these tournaments are present inside this game and give an additional character and a beautiful luster to the players who play this game.

And also this game entitles you to the game after different teams where you can play with any team you want or love or build a team from scratch. You choose the players and put them in that team to push it to the highest ranks the players you love or want to strengthen that team.

This is something that does not exist in several games that exist on the Android arena, such as copies of FIFA and copies of PES also, this matter is found in football games that are in the Playstation only, not on Android, but we have brought it to you within this game.


The components of this game that we have today are uncomplicated components, as it consists of one file that you download from the links below the blog post then via the method that we will explain to you and also the download method you will get to know in the rest of this post so follow us to the other what is the meaning of the file for this The game size is only 350MB, and it is an affordable size for most Android devices that you own at the moment, so this game is available to everyone.


The way to download this game that we have with you daily is also a simple way, and you do not need any complication, as all you have to do is go to the bottom of this post and you will find a link to download this game to you by clicking on them directly and Google Drive will transfer you to the download link for direct from MEDIA FIRE you download In a smooth way from there, and when you need, you need a way to install this game, it will work with you easily, and we will get to know this method in a little while in the next paragraph, so stay with us.


It is a normal method known to most people, but today we will explain it to you in one way so that most people can install and run this game.
And download one of the decompression files from GOOGLE PLAY after that, you decompress the file that you downloaded in the first from the link below the post and you decompress it you will find inside that file 3 other files the names of these files are the APK file and the OBB file and the DATA file and also you have to transfer them To their right paths and path.

First, you install the APK file of your Android phone in the simple and well-known way. Then, if you go to an OBB file, you go to the correct path and its path is the ANDROID folder, then the OBB folder is what you paste in there.
The same thing you do with a DATA file, you paste it in the correct place and its location is the ANDROID folder and then the DATA folder and then you paste it in there

In this way, the game will be installed with you without any problems, and you can enjoy it anytime you want and anywhere you like, due to the fact that it is off-line because it is without the Internet.


The requirements for the operation of this game that we have with you daily are simple and uncomplicated requirements, as menstruation that a 1GB device in RAM is the least capable of operating this game with fluency and with all its comfort, and that is because the game was issued a long time ago about 6 years ago, in that period Android devices were weak and did not You were not able to play games, then the companies were creating games for weak devices, but the space that you have to leave in order to download and install this game is between 700MB to 1GB, and this is because the download needs 350MB and the installation also needs the same space.

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