PES 2020 PS2 Download English Version (PlayStation 2)

PES 2020 PS2 Download English Version (PlayStation 2)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 January Update for PlayStation 2 and PCSX2 ISO with many new features and updates on this patch with Text and Commentators in English version.

PES 2020 can also be played on a laptop PC using PCSX2 Emulator.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 marks a new beginning for Konami’s blockbuster soccer series, with an all-new engine allowing for every aspect of Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 to be totally reworked to produce a game much closer to the excitement and variety of a top level match.

The central theme of fluidity is based on the constant moving of players and switching positions which mirrors the modern approach to football. Producers looked at how the matches ebb and flow, with player individuality key to a team’s success, and well drilled tactics helping underdogs produce giant-killing feats. In addition to noticeably improved graphics and seamless animation, the thrust of the new engine’s power has been used to redefine the way football is played as a video game.

Sony ID : SLES-55673
Version : 1.01
Region : World wide
Languages : English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italiano.

Features of PES 20 PS2

  • New Menu Background and Sounds
  • Updated transfers for top league (2019/2020 season)
  • Addition of some new player faces (2019/2020 Season)
  • Addition of some new kits of all National Teams and Clubs (2019/2020)
  • Latest and new updated stadium ( Wanda metropolitano of Atletico Madrid, Emirates stadium of Arsenal and Santiago Bernabeu of Real Madrid etc.

Some of Best Transfer of 2019/20 Season

  • Erling Haaland at Borussia Dortmund
  • Bruno Fernandes at Manchester United
  • Joelinton at Newcastle United
  • Paco Alcácer at Villarreal
  • Pablo Sarabia at Paris Saint Germain
  • Benjamin Pavard at FC Bayern Munchen
  • Thorgan Hazard at Borussia Dortmund
  • Malcom at Zenit S-Pb
  • Harry Maguire at Manchester United
  • Nicolas Pépé at Arsenal
  • Julian Brandt at Borussia Dortmund
  • Ferland Mendy at Real Madrid
  • Martin Braithwaite at FC Barcelona
  • Odion Ighalo at Manchester United
  • Daniel James at Manchester United
  • Eden Hazard at Real Madrid
  • João Félix at Atletico Madrid
  • Christian Eriksen at Inter Milan

Watch Video of PES 2020 PS2

PES 2020 PS2 Download link (Mediafire)

Download PES 2020 ISO PS2 Game

How to Install PES 2020 for PS2 (playstation 2)

  • Download the PES 2020 PS2 file above, then extract it.
  • Install the ISO file to your hard-drive or play on PC with PCSX2 Emulator
  • Enjoy the game and don’t forget to share to your best friends.

PES 2020 Top 3 Best Players (Rating)

Cristiano Ronaldo Rating: 95
Attacking: 99 Shooting: 93
Dribbling: 89 Speed: 86

Lionel Messi Rating: 95
Attacking: 99 Shooting: 90
Dribbling: 95 Speed: 85

Neymar Jr. Rating: 92
Attacking: 90 Shooting: 87
Dribbling: 93 Speed 87


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      use this link below to download the latest version:

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        Please can some guide me to download pes 2020 for My play station 2 deck

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        Absolutely, I hope your PS2 has Free Mcboot installed?

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        I have freemcboot installed

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      Pls I don’t understand, I have successfully downloaded it an extracted if but not showing. When I check the files non of the file resemble the files files that I do play on my ps2 console Pls help.


      Ul. Cfg
      Ul. D1CB8BDE. PS2L_556.76.00

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        Good question! first of all those file you mentioned Ul. Cfg
        Ul. D1CB8BDE. PS2L_556.76.00
        are the program will help to manage the games (.ul format) on the USB drive. So the only thing that you need is to download USBUtil and install it to your game.

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        for the game speed goto the graphics settings and change the frame skip to 1, then mark auto frameskip.

        And for the screen quality goto graphics settings find rendering resolution and make it to x2.

        I hope you rally understand.

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      Step 1
      Turn on your PS2 and choose the menu screen where you would normally enter the password. Instead of entering a password, go to the DVD setup menu. Go to “custom setup” and choose “parental controls”.

      Step 2
      When you are asked for the code or password, press the select button on your controller and enter the number “7444”. Now set the parental lock to “off”.

      Step 3
      Press “reset” on the front of the game console to save your settings. When the system reboots, you should be able to view your previously censored games or DVDs. You will also have the opportunity to choose your own password, allowing you to turn the parental lock on and off, either manually or automatically by game or movie ratings.

      I often recommend that the parents of older children should regularly reset the password in order to prevent “hacking”. Also, try to choose a password that could not be guessed easily. Often, a combination of both letters and numbers works best, as the laws of statistics dictate that more choices equal more failed attempts at cracking the code. Unless your child is exceptionally persistent or lucky, boredom will win out before they guess the correct code.

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