Best Way To Speed Up Your Android Phones

Best Way To Speed Up Your Android Phones

Here are the list of top five best way to speed up your android phones.

Like computers, smart phones become slower over time when not properly maintained hence making every missed swipe or extra moment waiting for an app to load feel like an eternity. If you’ve had your Android device for a while, then you’ve probably started to notice some delay in performance that wasn’t there before. This is usually due to an increasing number of applications, processes, and files stored on the device. However, if your Android device is running slowly and you can’t determine why the tips below will help you speed it up.

Clear the Cache

Usually, cached data for apps help them to load more quickly but over time, it can build up and take up quite a lot of space which eventually starts hurting more than it should help. Clearing the cached data helps in making the device perform smoother as it removes old data which usually makes it slow and eventually crashes the device. This method is helpful in the case of big apps like Facebook and Instagram which store tons of images and other data on your device. To clear the cache on your device, head into Settings > Storage>Clear cached data and then tap OK.

Uninstall or Disable Unused Apps

Most Android devices typically have a number of apps pre-installed by the phone manufacturer that is completely unused. Over time, you add more apps that are likely unused hence taking up precious space and slowing down the device. To uninstall such apps, navigate to settings, click on apps, find the app you wish to uninstall and tap uninstall.

Close Unused Apps

Keeping several apps open makes it easy to multitask but closing open apps improve the device’s speed. Just pull up the running apps list that shows the apps that are running, how much memory they are using and close the ones that aren’t needed to be opened.

Don’t Overload the Home Screen

Filling your device’s home screen with live wallpapers and tons of widgets sounds nice but under the hood, they put extra load on the hardware and affect the device’s performance. Thus, it is advisable to keep your home screen as clean as possible because it will make your device perform faster.

Disable Widgets

As with apps, widgets that aren’t needed should be disabled. Though widgets provide animations and special effect to make the device look great, they can also slow down the device. To disable a widget, navigate to the widget you wish to remove, long press on the widget and drag the widget to remove and release.

Use Cloud Storage System

The new storage fashion is uploading files to the cloud. This not only makes data saved accessible across all devices but also frees up the internal storage on the device. Bear in mind that internal storage plays an important role in the performance of the device, it advisable not to overload it so it doesn’t slow down your Android device.

Update Your Device’s Software

Do you keep swiping aside that notification to update your software? It only wants the best for you. Most times, software updates are not always about new features, they also contain bug-fixes and performance enhancements that help to improve the device’s speed.

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