Download Ultraman – Fighting Evolution 0 ISO PSP Game

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 ISO PSP Game

Ultraman Fighting Evolution ISO for PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a fighting game from the series Ultraman Evolution. It is the fifth and currently last entry in the series.

Ever feel like unleashing your inner superhero? Then you need to download Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0, the ultimate fighting game for your PSP. Strap in for intergalactic battles, monster mash-ups, and super-charged special moves that will blow you away. You’ll choose from a roster of iconic Ultraman characters like Ultraman Taro, Ultraman Leo, and Ultraman Mebius and pound your way through single-player arcade mode or duke it out against friends in versus battle. With eye-popping graphics, destructible city environments, and over 70 Ultras and monsters to unlock, this game delivers nonstop action and excitement.

Whether you grew up watching the Ultraman TV show or just love intense fighting games, Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 is a must-have for any PSP owner looking for an adrenaline rush. Time to suit up, power up, and unleash your inner Ultraman.

Overview of Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 is the ultimate fighting game for PSP. Released in 2005, this classic 2D fighter lets you battle with characters from the popular Ultraman franchise.

A Huge Roster of Characters

With over 50 characters to choose from, including Ultramen, monsters, and aliens, there’s no shortage of fighters. Play as fan favorites like Ultraman, Ultraseven, and Zoffy, or pick more obscure characters like Pigmon or Babarue. Each character has a unique move set, super attacks, and fighting style.

Simple Yet Strategic Combat

The controls are simple, with buttons for punch, kick, grab, and jump, but the gameplay offers surprising depth. Master counters, reversals, and combos to gain an edge over your opponent. The rock-paper-scissors style combat, where certain attacks are strong against others, adds an extra layer of strategy.

Multiple Game Modes

In addition to standard 1v1 and 2v2 battles, Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 features several other game modes. Survival mode challenges you to defeat as many opponents as possible with limited health. Time attack mode tests how quickly you can win a series of matches. There are also team battle, training, and challenge modes for some variety.

Whether you’re a diehard Ultraman fan or just looking for an enjoyable 2D fighting game, Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 delivers a fun experience on PSP. With its huge roster of characters, simple yet strategic combat, and multiple game modes, it’s easy to see why this title is considered a must-have for any PSP owner.

Gameplay and Features

When it comes to gameplay, Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 has a lot to offer.

The main single-player mode lets you play through the stories of the different Ultramen. You’ll fight familiar foes from the shows like Baltan and Neronga, unlocking new moves and forms along the way. The gameplay itself is fast-paced 3D fighting, allowing you to freely roam the arena, dash, block, and pull off devastating combos.

A huge roster of characters

With over 20 characters to choose from, including Ultraman, Ultraseven, Tiga, Dyna, Gaia, and Zero, there’s an Ultraman for every fighting style. Each has its own set of punches, kicks, grabs, and beam attacks that are faithful to the shows.

Versus and online modes

If single-player isn’t your thing, you’ve got versus mode to fight against friends or CPU opponents, as well as online play to battle Ultraman fans from around the world. The online leaderboards also let you see who the top fighters are.

Unlockables galore

As you play through the game, you’ll unlock new characters, stages, music, art, and videos. There are lots of extras for die-hard Ultraman fans, like a model viewer, character profiles, and a jukebox mode to listen to music from the shows and movies.

With its huge variety of characters and game modes, smooth controls, and tons of unlockable extras, Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 is a must-have fighting game for any fan of the iconic franchise. The PSP graphics bring the kaiju and Ultramen to life like never before. If you’re looking for an addictive beat ’em up on the go, this is the ultimate PSP ISO.

Playable Characters

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 features a roster of popular characters from the Ultraman franchise. With over 20 playable characters, there’s an Ultra Hero or villain for every fighting style.


As the original Ultra Hero, Ultraman is an all-rounder with a mix of punches, kicks, and beam attacks like his specium Ray. His finisher move summons a massive ball of energy to hurl at opponents.


Zetton is one of Ultraman’s most formidable foes. This space dinosaur can teleport, shoot fireballs, and unleash powerful physical attacks with its claws and tail. Its strongest attack, the Zetton Fireball, launches a huge sphere of flames that explodes on impact.

King Joe

The robot King Joe is a relentless attacker that pounds enemies with missiles, lasers, and melee strikes. It can grab opponents and subject them to a series of knee strikes and energy blasts at point-blank range. King Joe’s ultimate attack, the King Joe Guillotine, grabs the enemy and self-destructs in a massive explosion.

Alien Baltan

The crafty alien Baltan uses stealth and trickery to defeat its opponents. It can turn invisible, dig underground, and create doppelgangers to confuse enemies. When ready to strike, Alien Baltan unleashes powerful kicks, tail strikes, and a paralyzing energy beam from its horns.


Pandon is a chimera-like monster with a serpentine body and twin lizard heads. It attacks with a combination of physical strikes like bites, tail whips, and body slams, as well as ice and fire-based beam weapons from each head. Pandon’s most devastating attack, the Pandon Storm, unleashes a barrage of fireballs and ice beams that freeze and burn the target simultaneously.

With so many characters to choose from, Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 offers a variety of gameplay styles to suit any fighting game fan. Discover your favorite Ultra Hero or villain and unleash their powers to defend the Earth or conquer it!

Game Details & Requirements

Genre:Action, Fighting

Downloading Ultraman Fighting Evolution

How to Install

  • The first step is to download and install the PPSSPP emulator on your mobile phone before you can launch the iso file.
  • You need the ZArchiver Pro app to unzip the game. You can Download ZArchiver Pro from the links above.
  • Download the ISO file from the download link above, then use the ZArchiver Pro app to extract the game.
  • Open the PPSSPP emulator on your Android phone, then find the folder where you unzip/extract the game.
  • Click on the game to run!


So there you have it, everything you need to know about Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 to get started. This epic fighting game brings the iconic Ultras from the popular franchise together for intense combat on your PSP.

With a huge roster of characters, destructible environments, and fast-paced gameplay, it’s a must-have title for any kaiju fan or fighting game enthusiast. What are you waiting for? Fire up your PSP, download the ISO, and unleash your inner Ultraman.

The fate of humanity is in your hands – protect the Earth and defend the universe from invading monsters in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0. Time to suit up, power on, and unleash your specium rays for victory!

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