Download PUBG Mobile Lite Android (Highly Compressed)

Download PUBG Mobile Version Lite Android (Highly Compressed)

Download Player Unknowns Battle Ground – PUBG Lite version for Android mobile. PUBG Mobile Lite is a version of Tencent’s game for Android mobile devices with fewer resources so that everyone can play their famous battle royale title.

PUBG is also regarded as one of the top five most popular ever and most downloaded android action-shooting games on the google play store with over 100 million downloads.

PUBG (Short for Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds) is a battle royale-style online game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole. This game is based on the last man standing gameplay, which originated from a movie called Battle Royale. In the game, 100 players will join the war of survival after being dropped on a deserted island where they have to collect weapons and equipment to destroy other players and avoid being destroyed. There is a safe area that will shrink over time, forcing all survivors to move into a smaller area. The last living person will become the winner.

You can also download PUBG Lite Version for PC here!

PUBG Lite Mobile Original Graphics

I was amazed at the graphics of the game. Although the mobile platform is not as powerful as the console or PC, Tencent still equips PUBG Mobile with a beautifully rendered graphics platform that resembles the original.

The game starts with a picture of a plane carrying 100 people playing across a large island. You will start parachuting from the plane and pick a landing spot.

The game is very smooth, flying in the sky gives me a feeling of freedom and peace just before I landed in a real-life arena.

Each house, grass hill, car, bridge, and river are designed quite meticulously to bring about a very authentic and interesting experience. Not only that but the smaller details of each character in the game are also noted, you will have a very interesting experience.

PUBG Lite Mobile Minimum Requirements

Player Unknowns Battle Ground can play on android devices that have at least Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 1GB of memory.

PUBG Lite Mobile Download

Note: After downloading & install the Pubg File, Wait 30 minutes to install resources on your mobile. As Pubg File is bigger in Size. Download the Pubg by connecting to WiFi Network in order to Finish it Fast…!!!!!

FAQ On PUBG Lite Version Android

Difference between PUBG and PUBG Lite?

The main difference that most people will notice while playing PUBG Mobile Lite after playing on PUBG Mobile is the availability of maps.

PUBG Mobile has four maps Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. PUBG Mobile Lite only has two maps; Erangel in the Classic Mode and War in the Arcade Mode.

Can I play PUBG Lite Android in 512MB RAM?

Caution: PUBG Lite’s new update in 2020 is not working in 512 MB ram. So please do not try to download this game on 512Mb ram devices.

Is PUBG Lite free?

YES! PUBG LITE is free to play.


We hope you will surely enjoy this best action-shooting game of all time. Please share it with your family and friends to start enjoying it. Thank you!

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