PUBG Mobile APK Latest Version Download

PUBG Mobile APK  Latest Version Download

PUBG (Short for Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds) is a battle royale-style online game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole. This game is based on the last man standing gameplay, which originated from a movie called Battle Royale. In the game, 100 players will join the war of survival after being dropped on a deserted island where they have to collect weapons and equipment to destroy other players and avoid being destroyed. There is a safe area that will shrink over time, forcing all survivors to move into a smaller area. The last living person will become the winner.

Just 3 months after launch, this game has become one of the world’s most popular games with millions of players around the world. Tencent then negotiated with Bluehole to bring PUBG to the mobile platform, officially called PUBG Mobile. This move is the action of the manufacturer when the opponent of PUBG is Fortnite is responding to launch the mobile version for Android and iOS. This version was developed by Tencent and operates with the help of Bluehole. With the original gameplay from the PC version, in addition to being released for free on both the Android and iOS platforms, PUBG Mobile is fast gaining #1 position on all mobile game charts.

After having experienced PUBG Mobile on both iOS (iPhone OS X) and Android (early APK file), I will share with you the highlights of this game. Hopefully, you will have the first overview first before you start participating in this exciting and exciting battles.

Original graphics

I was amazed at the graphics of the game. Although the mobile platform is not as powerful as the console or PC, Tencent still equips PUBG Mobile with a beautifully rendered graphics platform that resembles the original. The game starts with a picture of a plane carrying 100 people playing across a large island. You will start parachuting from the plane and pick a landing spot. The game is very smooth, flying in the sky gives me a feeling of freedom and peace just before I landed in a real-life arena.
Each house, grass hill, car, bridge, river are designed quite meticulous to bring about a very authentic and interesting experience. Not only that, the smaller details of each character in the game are also noted, you will have a very interesting experience.

Download PUBG Mobile for Android (APK)


Note: After Download & install the Pubg File, Wait 30 minutes to install resources on your mobile. As Pubg File is bigger in Size. Download the Pubg by connecting to WiFi Network in order to Finish it Fast…!!!!!


App Name PUBG
File Type APK
Version 0.15.0
Size 45.03MB
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Last Updated on Nov 2019

New update

  • A new update with Pubg is nothing but Play the game for 10 minutes by the squad.
  • Once you open the game you will find TDM, Click on the First-person (FPP)
  • Select the mode to Evo ground and click the Map.
  • You will be assigned to play with four members group in the warehouse.
  • After that, the game will begin with the Blue team and the red team.
  • Your target is to Kill the Red team members as it is a single game played with the group.
  • The number of kills will be the final Victory.
Here square measure the most enormous 5 most significant changes include:
New Royale Pass: The new update brings a brand-new Royale Pass for Season seven. With the new pass, players can get access to exclusive outfits, emotes, extra rewards and a brand new EZ Mission License.

Gameplay: Several in-game updates are created for players, as well as subscription changes, a brand-new BP class tab for the look, tuned audio and a lot.
Extra server: The PUBG Mobile APK Update 0.12.5 adds a Middle-East server for players in a geographic region. PUBG spoken language that this new server can supply reduced lag.

New Weapon: The Skorpion single-fire and semi-automatic burp gun drops into all PUBG Mobile maps and is prepared to tear apart enemies with 9mm rounds and five attachment slots. This gun is a nightmare in Close-range encounters.

Rare Skins: Players will currently customize their avatars with three exclusive new parachutes, clothing, plane skins and a lot.