5 Best Action Games for Android Free Download

Hello guys, our today’s post is on the best android action games ever made. Here we provide you also a genuine link to download for free.

Some of the best most successful awesome action game franchises started out on android device and you only have to look at GTA as a shining example of this. It’s most recent iterations have easily become some of the best android action game of all time!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (offline)

GTA: San Andreas is the best grand theft auto game ever made and a classic in its own right.

San Andreas defines everything that is great about GTA. The game’s world is huge, looks awesome (perhaps not by today’s standards but back then, it was a great thing) and is full of stuff to do, including missions, rampages and hidden collectibles.

The has been named the best-ever Grand Theft Auto game by Digital Spy users, in a site poll that attracted over 100,000 combined votes. The third entry in the PlayStation 2 era of games won 45.62% of the vote, and was followed closely by predecessor Vice City with 24.59%.

Player Unknowns Battle Ground (PUBG Online)

The reason why I didn’t mentioned it at number is because the game is online, and I already knows that 70% of gamers loves offline version.

PUBG is regarded as the best action – shooting game of all time.

PUBG (Short for Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds) is a battle royale-style online game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole. This game is based on the last man standing gameplay, which originated from a movie called Battle Royale.

Call Of Duty Mobile (Online)

It also known as CoD mobile game is regarded as the one of the most download action and shooting game of all time according to google playstore.

Grand Theft Auto III (offline)

GTA III is one of the most popular games of the Grand Theft Auto Series. In GTA 3 game you are a gangster and you have to do the missions to earn money in the game and you can freely roam in the city and do so many amazing things.

The Grand Theft Auto 3 game is available on google playstore but the price to download the game is $4.5. equivalent to 1,800 in Nigerian currency (Naira). So I provided you a link to download for free of charge with just one click. Just follow the processes step by step!

Gloud Games (online)

Firstly I know that you should ask your self a question that is gloud an android game?

The answer is capital “No

Gloud game application is just an android emulator that can allow you to play PS3 or PS4 game online on your android mobile.

You always searching for Grand Theft Auto 5 For Android but you can only get it with only one mission or sometimes the others are fake.

Don’t worry you can play GTA 5 Online on your mobile for free just use your data to access the intern internet connection (3G or 4G powerful signal)

The others game you can found it on gloud application are as follows:

  • The rise of the Tomb Raider
  • WWE 2K..
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Gears of War
  • Monster Hunter World
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider

I hope you really enjoyed the list of our best android action game to download. If you think we’ve missed your favorite one, please make a comment below with the name of the game. Thank you! Have a nice day.

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