FIFA World Cup 2022 Mobile

FIFA World Cup 2022 Mobile for Android & iOS

Download the latest and updated EA Sports FIFA World Cup 2022 Mobile game for Android and iOS devices for free with new gameplay modes.

The game is available to download on Android and iOS mobile for free without spending a single penny.

Finally, the debate between EA Sports FIFA Mobile and KONAMI’s eFootball Mobile is over. Having the latest FIFA Mobile update shows us that there’s no comparison left between the new FIFA World Cup 2022 Mobile and eFootball 2023 Mobile.

There’s never been a better time to be an EA Sports fan, with constant game updates and exciting new updates being added to the roster on a regular basis.

The best part of every new FIFA release is learning what features have been added and improved upon in the latest version of the popular video game series, and FIFA Mobile does not disappoint. From new game modes to improved AI and team selection to, world cup 2022 Qatar tournament, there are plenty of things to be excited about when it comes to this year’s installment of EA Sports’ most successful franchise.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Mobile comes with lots of new features and improvements that are worth knowing about before you jump in and start playing. Check out this list of the new features you need to know about if you’re planning on downloading FIFA 22 World Cup!

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FIFA 2022 World Cup Features

The improved ball physics

The ball physics in this game has been noticeably improved. The players now control the ball a lot more realistically, which has led to me scoring more goals and making smarter passes. This new feature is definitely one of the best improvements in this game, and I’m sure it’ll be appreciated by all FIFA fans.

Better animations

The new animation system in FIFA World Cup 2022 mobile is going to make gameplay more fluid and realistic than ever before. Players will feel more grounded and are going to have a wider variety of movements, making the game feel more like real life. The new animation system will be supported by a broader range of player motions and animations for all players, including goalkeepers, line-mans, referees, and fans.

Smarter AI

We’re not just talking about how the players move – the AI will now be able to read the player’s instructions and adapt. For example, if you tell your team to hold their shape, they will do exactly that. If you ask them to counterattack, they’ll push forward and try to score goals. It also means that when you take control of a player for a one-off action like a free-kick or throw-in, their teammates will recognize this and react accordingly.

More realistic lighting

EA SPORTS always looking for ways to make our games look better and feel more realistic. In FIFA 2022 World Cup Edition, they added new technologies that make the game even more immersive than ever before. Our new More Realistic Lighting system uses the procedural time of day and real-time weather conditions to simulate different lighting scenarios in the world’s most popular sport.

World Cup 2022 Tournament

FIFA 22 Mobile feature a new World Cup Tournament mode, giving you the chance to experience the thrill of football’s most prestigious event. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 lets you choose from 32 of the world’s best national teams and compete in a full group stage. With all 64 matches available to play and there is plenty for players to enjoy.

Real FIFA Player Ratings

All players in FIFA World Cup 2022 mobile game have their real FIFA 23 Player Ratings, such players like Karim Benzema, Robert Lewandowski, Kylan Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Thibaut Courtois, and Manuel Neuer has the best player ratings.

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Screenshots

FIFA World Cup 2022 Mobile

FIFA World Cup 2022 Mobile Stadium

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FIFA World Cup 2022 APK & iOS Mobile

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Game Details

Available Platforms:APK, iOS
APK Size:150 MB
iOS Size:226 MB
Game Mode:Online
Publishers:EA Sports
iOS Version: iOS 12.2 +
Android:8.0 +

Download FIFA World Cup 2022 Mobile


In conclusion, the FIFA World Cup 2022 mobile game is a highly anticipated release for soccer fans around the world. With realistic gameplay and updated teams and players, it offers a thrilling experience for players. The ability to compete in the iconic tournament and lead your team to victory adds to the excitement of the game. The inclusion of new features, such as stadium customization and online multiplayer modes, also adds to the replay value of the game. Overall, the FIFA World Cup 2022 mobile game is sure to be a hit among soccer fans and mobile gamers alike.

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