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Download Call of duty: Advanced Warfare PS3 ROM for SONY’s PlayStation 3 console with the best graphics, and easy control.

If you’re an avid Call of Duty player like me, you may have been getting pretty tired of the same old thing in recent years as the franchise has slowly added new features but not made much-needed changes to the gameplay itself.

When it comes to the Call of Duty series, many people have been expecting some sort of evolution in gameplay for quite some time now. After all, the games are very similar year after year and it’s hard to tell one new iteration from the next at this point. However, the newest addition to the COD family, Advanced Warfare, takes everything you knew about gaming and turns it on its head. In this article, we’ll cover why this game can be considered an evolution over previous titles in the series and why you should consider buying it.

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COD Advanced Warfare PS3 Features

A new era for Call of Duty

The newest installment in the Call of Duty franchise, Advanced Warfare, is set to redefine the way we play games and think about warfare. In an industry where it’s hard to surprise gamers these days, Advanced Warfare managed to do just that. With its new movement system and futuristic weaponry, this game looks like a sci-fi lover’s dream come true. This new movement system is one of the most innovative aspects of this game.

A whole new game engine

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PS3 Game is the first game in the series to use a new game engine, and it’s also the first to take place in the future.

A Hollywood cast

The first thing you’ll notice about this game is the huge cast. Kevin Spacey, Liam Neeson, Cuba Gooding Jr., and others lend their voice talents to characters throughout the story. It’s amazing how much more believable these scenes feel because of it.

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An ambitious story

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PS3 game set in the year 2054, just two decades from now. A new world order has emerged and the wars being fought aren’t between countries anymore, they’re between man and machine.

Multiplayer done right

In the past, I was never a big fan of Call of Duty multiplayer. It seemed like it had been the same thing year after year, with minor tweaks to gameplay here and there. But Advanced Warfare is different. It’s fresh, it’s new, and it finally delivers on the promise to reinvent this popular game series for the better.

A return to form for the franchise

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PS3 game has made an impressive return to form for the franchise. It’s not only a return to form, but it is a game changer. This new release has been more successful than previous titles and there are many reasons why.

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Game Details

File Name:COD Advanced Warfare
Console:PlayStation 3
Genre:First-person shooter
File Size:13.4 GB

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